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Sand artist ltd is EU registered company, that was founded in 2008 by Remy and Paul Hoggard.

We are a sand sculpture company that designs and  creates sand sculptures and other sand art forms for exhibitions, installations and performance for a variety of different companies and organizations around the world.
Our sculptures start from 5 ton individual pieces to whole concept sand sculpture themed parks and sand sculpture trails..

Our sand sculpting is also a performance art and draws crowds; many people return to check on the progress of the sculpture and we engage with all who are interested to learn more about the processes involved and are happy to share our knowledge with all.

Our sand sculptures are made with only sand and water. They can be created indoors or outdoors.
When the sculptures are completed we have the ability to weather proof them so they can lasts for weeks or months indoors, if not touched. 
Sand & Water
The most important ingredient when making sand sculptures is of course the sand, with good quality sand we can create almost anything.
We will source the best locally available sand for our clients. 

Remy and Paul have over 40 yrs. combined experience in creating the highest quality sand sculptures in 25 countries over the last 15 years.
For the bigger sand sculptures jobs, we have other world class sculptors who work for our company sand artist ltd.

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